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    Read carefully and follow all the instructions, this is one of the best tools IMO.
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    Heres what you do:

    1: Delete Package Manager Service using preware.
    2: Delete Preware
    3: Turn on developer mode plug into computer and set it on just charge.
    4: Using quick install go to the device management and to tweaks and make sure Package Manager Service is not installed. If it is uninstall it.
    5: Restart your phone
    6: Reinstall Package Manager Service and Preware using quick install.
    7: Install VBA using preware.

    Hope this helps.
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    I finally got VBA back!
    I did a partial erase and then reinstalled preware and it was there. Although I wish I would have saw mrgrim's suggestion before I did that so I didn't have to reinstall all the homebrew apps again lol!!!

    Thanks to everyone that posted to help me out I greatly appreciate it
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    You guys are good!
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