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    Since this is an issue, for myself and other issues. I think this should be addressed in probably the only fixable way at the moment.

    1st. Turn developer mode ON. (You will need this later.)
    2nd. Download Web-OS Quick Install, if you haven't already.
    3rd. On this website ( go over to the 'apps' tab, and find the application you have been trying to download. In my case, I'll be using 'Youview Visual Voicemail'

    4.Download the ipk, and save it in the area of your choice. Preferably your desktop.

    5. Open up Web-OS quick install.
    6. Drag and drop the application you downloaded, and saved to your desktop into Web-OS QI.

    7. Click 'INSTALL!', can't miss it
    8. Wait, a box saying 'installing' will popup and will lead itself through installation procedures.

    Note; Don't be afraid, it will not hang on Installation this time .

    Good luck to you all.
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    Awesome!!!! It happeend to me with friendsbook too. I will give it a shot later....thanks!!!
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    This always works with Homebrew. But this installing error happens with official App Catalog apps. They don't make the .ipk files available to download like that. So idk.

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