Ok so I probably should have known this, but to get the buy one get one free deal you need to have two upgrade eligible phone lines.

Our situation is that my wife's phone is upgrade eligible and mine isn't for a year and a half. I called Verizon hoping that they would let me order the Pre Plus for $149 and then get the Pixi Plus for free. That way I would get the Pre Plus and my wife was fine with the Pixi Plus. The first rep I talked to said yeah no problem. Went through with the order and then got stuck trying to order the Pixi Plus. He said that it was a system problem and he would call me back when he got it ordered. This was last Friday. I called yesterday and talked to a different rep who said the reason the order wouldn't go through was because my line is not upgrade eligible . Not a big surprise because that's what I thought they would say in the first place, but I was pretty excited after talking to the rep on Friday.

Long story short. I now have a brand new Pre Plus sitting on my desk that is technically my wife's, and I am stuck with my BB Curve. That is unless I can talk her into using my Curve instead