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    I am running a 64bit windows vista machine. I have followed the Web OS Quick install instructions but whenever I try to do anything with it i get the no device attached error message.

    I have turned off my firewall and tried it again and got nothing

    I have attempted novacom reinstalation and got nothing

    I have also checked to see that novacom is started by going to run then services.msc and Palm novacom is there and it is started!

    i can get it to work on some of my friends computers so I know it is not my usb cable or my pre.

    can anyone help???
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    It might be a silly question, but are you sure you enabled the developer mode?
    Not enabling it causes the exact same problem.
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    it's dev mode....check it.
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    agree with MilenkoD & Pulp...check to see if dev mode is enabled
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    may need to reinstall novacom driver ???
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    I have it in dev mode and I have tried it on my computer and it would not work but then I immediately took it to my friends computer and It worked???

    any ideas??
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    the same exact thing happened to me. I did notice though that the charge light would come on. I figured out it was my computer. It also would only do it if I was tethering for an extended amount of time. I just reset my computer and everything was fine. In fact I reset my device just to cover all my bases and it's worked everytime

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