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    Sorry for posting in this forum, I wasn't able to post in the Homebrew forum.

    I would like to make a request for someone to make an application for Settlers of Catan (and it's expansions such as Cities & Knights).

    There is an app that is close to what I would like for the iPhone: SettlerStats 1.0

    Although I would like a few more things added (namely everything being in english) if possible. A way to choose how many people are playing so you can see each individual users dice rolls as well as an overview of all of the dice rolls. It'd also be nice to have a timer as well so you can see how much time each user spent on their turn(s).

    Let me know if anyone would be able to make this or if you have any questions.

    Thank you.

    EDIT: This program actually is pretty close to what I'm asking. Aside from the fact I don't think I'd want to use it for rolling dice (I like physically handling dice), but the option to do so could be nice.
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    isn't that that weird board game that sold like a bajillion copies?
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    Yeah, it has gotten pretty popular the past couple of years in America. It's a fantastic strategy board game with plenty of dynamics. I don't have very much experience coding and would like a way to record the statistics of the people I play with. Both on a per game basis and on a lifetime basis.

    Being able to see lifetime statistics (which would most likely balance out properly on dice rolls) would be awesome. I could see how long I typically take to do a turn and see who really is slow so I can avoid playing with them. Slow players really make the difference between a 90 minute game and a 120 minute game.

    One doesn't need to be familiar with the game, I could write in detail what I would like from a coding perspective and you let me know if it's possible/worth the time.

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