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    if there were a way to default the phone to call log instead of the dail screen that would be great. I have grown acostom to making about ninety percent of my calls through the call log because ninety percent of the people that I talk to are in the first few numbers. Also one thing that I noticed is that the call log shows each individual call rather than grouping the calls together between contacts. Let me cearify, I think I just confused myself. If you open the call log you only see the last call by any particular contact, if you click that tontact then you see the rest of the history between you and that contact. It makes for a lot less clutter in the call log especially if you found yourself playing phone tag with someone for a while
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    I'm 99% sure I've seen a patch for that. Have to run but look in the official patch list.
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    There is a patch for opening to the call log, however, it will show you every single call in order as it logs everything.

    My suggestion is to use the universal search to make calls. Just open the slider and type the first 4 or 5 letters of the persons name and it will immediately pull up his or her contact and you can quickly make a call. This is the fastest way to make calls.
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    the patch for this was never ported over webos version 1.3.5, i miss it too i liked it.... hopefully it will get done soon....
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