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    I want it to look like this.
    HTC HD2

    with WebOS instead of Sense.
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    @ 05typesdc5

    Pixi 2 in HTC Trophy style would be great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by piaband View Post
    I've said for a while that I want a larger version of the Pixi. But after seeing this picture, I dont think I do anymore. It really kinda looks boring. And the screen doesnt look any larger than my Pre.

    I guess I wouldnt be opposed to this, I would like to try it out. But I think what I really want is a larger screen and I think the only way to do that is the slab. But I love my keyboard!!!

    I dont know what I want. Hopefully, Palm will release a few designs...maybe one that surprises me and I fall in love with it.

    If nothing else, I would like to see the above design, because I have clamored for it for a long time. With how great universal search is, having the keyboard right there would make the experience so much more streamlined.

    EDIT:::The more I stare at it, the more I want it....NOW!
    The screen on HTC trophy is at 3.0 " while screen on the PRE is 3.1 " so PRE is a little bit better. I want PRE2 to have a screen about 3.7-4.3" like Nexus or HD2 with either virtual keyboard only or in the same style as current PRE with virtual keyboard as an option.

    Pixi2 I think would be great with a 3.0" screen.
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    I love how impossible it is to please everyone yet everyone feels that their opinion is the only opinion that matters. ;-) Landscape keyboard, candybar, slate, software keyboard etc. We seem to have just about every representative from each of the different camps here. The big trouble is that whatever Palm choose, we are stuck with it. If Palm had all the money they needed they would just come out with a new, faster, larger Pixi, an iP**n like slate and a landscape slider all in one foul swoop. But unfortunately, that would take a massive amount of capital and I still don't think everyone would be happy.

    My personal preference is for a slate by the way. I have no issue with software keyboards. I don't like being forced into one form factor over another. I like to be able to turn the phone depending on the mood I'm in and have the keyboard adapt. I also just like the concept of touching the screen so the on-screen keyboard makes sense to me. I realize that everyone has their own opinion about this, I'm just including my own.
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    Quote Originally Posted by illmusic View Post
    with the way app development and advertisements have been going it seems like palm is targeting the consumer crowd over the business oriented.
    Palm has precious little influence over what types of Apps developers decide to code for their hardware. Similarly, Palm haven't really had much to do with Pre ads after the original ones which apparently everybody and their uncle hated with a passion; I kinda liked them. I'm an adult male and can simply not be "creeped out" by a young woman with gelled hair talking about how easy multitasking is. Then again, I also never saw what's so creepy about Clowns, so maybe I am a genetic freak incapable of the emotion you puny mortals call fear.
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