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    So last night the phone froze up, so I removed the battery and reboot it.
    I had on the lock screen with a numeric pass.

    When it comes back up, I get the "blue cloudy" background picture that the password lock screen has, except the buttons on the screen are gone!! Without the buttons I can't put in the pass so I can't get past this screen.

    Any ideas?
    I can novacom into it, so maybe there's a way to turn the lock off from the console, or kill a process or something.


    PS- The phone is not frozen, I can push the power button and it'll go back to the "slide to unlock" screen with the time.
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    Not sure how, but it sounds like the unlock code has been changed to alpha-numeric. Can you still see the area where the code is entered, but are just missing the virtual number keys on the screen? Is the keyboard not working either? Have you tried inputing the code in via the keyboard and hitting enter? You may not be able to see the code input but it may work. Warning though if you type in the wrong code more than three times it erases your phone and you will lose anything not saved on your palm profile.

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