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    The past 2 days I have sent out numerous txts to people on various networks, I can confirm that a friend on Tmobile got and replied to one convo but 2 others on att (iphone) and sprint (bb) have said they never got my txts, what gives?

    I am wondering if the pre sometimes sends out txts that actually don't go out based on your service at the time (and eveb if it shows it went through by turnung bold instead of staying gray)
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    If there are problems sending a text, the message will stay gray as you indicated. If it turns bold, then it should have gone out. What happens if they text you?
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    I get the message obviously but I am thiniking some message aren't goin out as they seem to be, could be another issue where the pre says one thing but bc of coverage it never happens .. Maybe a bug?
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    Sounds more like network issues than phone issues.

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