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    heyy guys, ive had the palm pre for about 4 months and i like it but one thing i really dont like on the pre is the wiggly screen. this is has been getting on my nerves!!! if anybody knows how to fix this, please help me
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    A search on 'oreo effect' will get you some help. But be warned, there is no complete, truly satisfactory fix for this very common Pre issue.
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    that looks waaaay to complicated lol. do yu know any other ways?
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    There was a method to put pressure on one side of the screen while ur sliding it, to tighten it up- but I don't know off the top of my head exactly how it went.
    Try searching 'Easy Oreo Fix'. You might have better luck with that.
    I know it might look scary to try any of those methods, but maybe it'll be worth it.
    Ya never know.
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    aight then. thanks
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    ur welcome
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    lol thanks again

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