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    I just purchased a Verizon Palm Pre Plus. Has anyone else had issues with the signal going from full signal to zero??? My previous phone got full service at home, I can't even remember the last time I dropped a call. Its as if I had Cingular as my carrier :P

    I also notice that intermittently the internet doesn't work while I can still make calls. Anyone else having this issue?
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    try this, it might help since it worked for me: Phone App > Preferences (top left menu) > and then tap on "Update Network Settings

    hopefully this might work for you, I'm on Sprint but don't think it really matters that much the fact that ur on Verizon

    anyways, just a piece of advice, make sure you update ur network settings when you have good signal (at least where you KNOW there is good signal).

    if this does nothing, try restarting ur phone.

    best of luck man
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    Have you tried updating the PRL? Go to an area where you have good reception, Dial *228 then choose option 2. This should update the phone to the closest cell sites on the VZW network.
    Good luck
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    update whatever you want, but the radio has been an issue for many of us. I can't believe this hasn't been addressed within the hardware by palm yet. In fact it's ridiculous. I have just recently, since launch, started showing it off and recommending it to people I work with. I guess i'll stop.

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