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    I had all of the same problems, even called Sprint, because on top of that my Pre wouldn't connect to the internet despite showing 3-4 bars, unless it was in WiFi. EV icon also had disappeared. Sprint had me remove battery and they did a partial reset. Only worked better for a few hours.

    Then, hoila! 1.4 finallly installs and the dang phone is back to normal power use levels!! What was Palm doing to us? It must have been from them!
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    Same here, have everything configured the same as before, even turned some stuff off. Battery life is still 10-15% less than before the so-called "update".
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    I have a question for everyone with battery problems lately. Have you noticed your brightness settings moving up and down?

    Example I just checked my phone out because I had a message and my screen brightness was up a lot more than the 21% I have it set at. I went to check it out and it was still at 21% but I could tell it was higher than it's setting.

    So I had to go into the menu option move the brightness up and then back down to 21% to fix it. I noticed that this happens every once and awhile. Not sure if it is helping drain the battery since my phone screen isn't on all the time.
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    I've noticed the brightness adjusting on it's own. Specifically my keyboard was so dim or not lit up that I went in there and had to check it's setting, then a few hours later the screen and keyboard were super bright. (and I didn't change anything). Also I have the extended SEIDIO (I think 2600mA) battery and I can't even make it a full day anymore. Normally it was a day and a half with normal usage. Those with the stock battery I don't know how you can even use the phone. Something is definitely wrong, and my phone is warm, slightly hot to the touch just from sitting in my pocket. Not using the phone, screen off, etc my battery is draining 10-15% an hour.

    I keep checking for updates, because this phone is now more of a pocket warmer. Web browsing is slower, application launch is slower at times too. I would like to get 1.3.5 back on this just so I don't have to worry about it for the time being until Palm fixes it.

    I did read taking the battery completely out of the phone for a few minutes has been a fix.
    I'm trying that now...
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    Quote Originally Posted by sannbri View Post
    I've noticed the brightness adjusting on it's own. Specifically my keyboard was so dim or not lit up that I went in there and had to check it's setting, then a few hours later the screen and keyboard were super bright. (and I didn't change anything).
    i've noticed this brightness issue as well since upgrading to 1.4. i still have a stock battery. i do have preware and several patches, but the only brightness patch i have is the one that puts the brightness slider in the device menu. (i do not have the brightness unlinked app.)

    doesn't seem to be any direct correlation between the brightness changes and the light levels in my environments; it'll change in the midst of using it while i'm sitting on the couch in the evening - light levels don't change and bam! the screen brightness changes.
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    Phone was 100% this morning at 8:00. I left thephone in my car all day. I checked my phone at 3:00 pm and the batterie was in the red, almost completely dead. Email is set to push on my phone with only 1 email. I only had 1 text as well. GPS is always off by default.

    Batterie life sucks right now.
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    Yeah. I had the brightness problem.
    I got 1.4 working great. Erased my backup. Doc'ed to Updated my PRL 60660 and Network. Got better battery life.

    Then after 2 days. Erased my phone and backup again. Updated to 1.4. First night left my fully charged 1.4 at 11pm. Woke up at 5am to 100%. A few emails came. Then played all day. Surfing the web, emailing, streaming podcast 2 to 3hrs, using a bluetooth stereo to listen to podcat and mp3s. Went to bed at 10pm to 23%.

    The icing on the cake. My phone jumps from EVDO to 1x all day.

    Keep in mind when I first loaded 1.4 with an extended battery it burned to 50% by 10am
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    I having the same effect. Phone dies in less than a day.
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    I am seeing the same thing...been reading posts on here for about 2 hours and my phone is almost dead. It was fully charged when I started reading posts!
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    strange, my battery was working good in Now, I upgrade to 1.4, too worse, 18%/hr. I don't know why.
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    I noticed an immediate drop in battery life after 1.4 also. So I switched the Wifi sleep setting from its default setting to When Phone Sleeps: "Turn Wi-fi Off". After making this change, the battery life improved dramatically...perhaps to even better than pre-1.4. Try this...
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    Quote Originally Posted by redninja View Post
    mine also, i'm havin to swap at lunch, with little to no use. I had 90% last night and after 45 minutes of talking was down to 33%. We really need a task manager app, to help with memory leaks. But not sure that's it, I did a reboot at work, and didn't launch anything, and the drain was still terrible.
    have you tried jstop? it's a great homebrew that will allow for auto garbage collect, with or without notifications (v0.2.3). TWO THUMBS UP for improving battery life!
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    Has anyone with this problem happened to look at their /var/log/messages on their Pre? Try this:
    connect as root (using novaproxy)
    tail -f /var/log/messages

    Watch that for a while. Are there any messages repeating endlessly?

    Also try typing df -m -- are any partitions at 100% full?
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    I get a lot of scrolling messages,
    " webos device user warning" "lunasysservice timeout" and others filling up the screen every couple of seconds. Timeouts and error codes a plenty.
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