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    It's happened to me a couple of times but hasn't been an issue. if you could tell us which settings though, that'd be great. I have my MSL handy.
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    I've been having the same problem, loss of network.. Getting tired of phone re-sets every few days
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadavis08 View Post
    also open the device info app and pull down preferences and do the quick tests to check out your hardware and interactive to check out software issue this could help as well.
    Quote Originally Posted by Shadavis08 View Post
    I would go into the phone app pull down preferences menu and up date the prl and network setting . If they put in a new tower this could be part of your issue . Worth a try.
    You seriously didn't read my OP I'm sure of it lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hirenpathak View Post
    Can you please show us how to fix that problem? As you have already solved it, why not give us the solution and we all will be happy.
    Well first you have to call Sprint to get your MSL code. It's unique to each phone, not a generic code. Once you do that, you have to open up your phone app and dial ##3282# and then a Sprint Network configuration menu pops up.

    After that I followed the combined directions in these threads...

    Getting The MSL Code to Pre
    Boost your internet and Sprint TV
    Changing Sprint Home Agent

    This is fairly intensive as you'll be changing predefined network settings and addresses that Sprint recommends. You can't do any damage as long as you follow the steps listed and information provided.
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    Has to be the pre. My wife has a pixi and while mine was acting up, her pixi was fine.
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    This seems to happen to me too, I always just thought it was me... Guess not. I just updated my PRL and updated settings lets see what happens.
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    It's definitely the phone.

    My first pre did this pretty consistantly, although it did it at work where I have poor service.

    My current pre has only done it once (at work).
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    Everyone doctoring their phones and resetting/erasing just chill and see if it actually is something that Sprint is doing that may fix itself.

    I have had mine do this a handful of times since I got my Pre on launch day. I haven't had it start doing this until the last month or so though.

    I don't panic, I haven't reset my phone or changed any settings, it pops up, says unable to get a connection and the phone works just fine and no problems with data. It has only happened when I am at work where I have a VERY weak signal most of the time so I have just attributed it to that.
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    mine does this all the time, when the wifi is on, turn the wifi off and never see it. maybe just my issues with my linksys as it drops my laptops and netbooks all the time and doesnt always allow them to auto reconnect. just my problem i guess
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    Does Any One Else's Pre Sprint Tv will not load I am trying to figure out if its just me but its ticking me off especially since I pay for it!!!
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    My Pre did this today for about an hour and a half. It resolved itself just before the Sprint representative answered my call into tech support. This happened on the west side of Indianapolis, so it seems that tayl428 has just been lucky so far.
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