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    So I downloaded the ScanCode app (i think off the beta app store). I was kinda excited to see this because I played with a friend's Droid and the barcode scanner was really cool. It could pretty much read off any barcode, translate it to human readable numbers and even search for the product online. I admit I was a little jealous, even if it is a stupid thing that I probably won't use very often. I heard before that the Pre would never have this kind of app because it can't auto focus and take macro type pictures. As far as I know, the hardware is lacking this capability so the Pre and Pre plus will never be able to use an app like this in its current form. Sure enough I tried out the app and not one barcode, even very large ones were readable. I guess we'll just have to wait for the Pre 2. I appreciate that someone took the time to build an app to support future hardware upgrades, but looks like we're at least months away from using it.
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    the app isent made for those type of barcodes your talking about
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    are they meant for 2D barcodes? I assume it wouldn't be able to take pictures of those either.
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    i believe the app is designed for 2d codes.
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    well, just for good measure (and curiousity), i got the BIGGEST standard barcode and the biggest 2D barcode I could possibly find online and tried to scan both of them. Sadly, neither managed to process a barcode. Which leads me back to my first conclusion that the creator of ScanCode designed this to be tested on what they hope to be the future version of the Pre with a better camera with auto focus.
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    i think there made for QR codes like the ones you will find on android central
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    has anyone tried holding a magnifying glass between the phone & the barcode? Would that change the focal length so as to be able to scan a barcode? Sure you're not gonna walk around forever carrying a magnifying glass for that reason but try it as an experiment.

    Personally I want the Pre to have better photo editing tools. A friend at dinner took some iPhone photos of our table & they came out pretty dark cause he doesn't have a flash.. BUT he was able to tweak the brightness right in the camera! I wanna do that!!
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    My take:

    Works fine with Screen Capture off the web. Both product barcodes and QR codes.

    Was 0% success with Pre camera but the HUGE one below, off laptop screen worked.

    So, it might come in handy in certain rare situations, but not widely useful on Pre.

    Re: " first conclusion that the creator of ScanCode designed this to be tested on what they hope to be the future version of the Pre with a better camera with auto focus."

    I think this is a port from an Iphone app, from what I've read, it works better on Iphone. Still fixed focus, maybe optics a bit better for macro / close ups?

    Quote Originally Posted by GarrettQ View Post
    i got it to work with the barcode below. But i snapped the photo off of my laptop, which is backlit, and the code is huge. i tried it with several smaller ones, with no luck.

    EDIT: actually, its not working with the photo pasted on the forum, but it works with the image in This Link

    EDIT 2: got it to work with the forum image, but its hit and miss.

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