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    Does anyone else have this issue: the Photo applications is listing every single jpg/gif/png on the phone. The selections include the Photo Roll, then every single application, subdirectory, icon, and image on the phone. There are literally hundreds of lists of images. Most are of just the graphic icons that the separate programs display (eg. icons, arrows, graphic boxes, weather icons, ect.)

    There used to only be several (eg. Photo Roll, Wallpapers, ect) and other folders in the /media/internal/ directory that had images in them. But now that the programs are stored in the /media/crytofs/ directory, all images are being indexed.

    It makes the Photo App almost useless for finding any image that is not taken by the camera.

    Any thoughts or suggestions?

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    Pretty sure started when apps were migrated onto /media/internal. Hopefully Palm will address it soon. Oh well, guess I will SMS an app icon to somebody.

    Edit: RC's response below prompted me to investigate using Terminal... discovered that my app images were the result of a app backup I had made on /media/internal. If you have WebOSQI or Preware and want to find out where the images are coming from, click share via email, note the filename (case-sensitive) then search for the filename in Terminal using the find command: "find /media/internal -name filename" replacing "filename" with the exact name of the image file (hint, pick a fairly unique one)
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    Thats not right. Directories with a "." are not supposed to be displayed in the photos app. Those would include the ".Palm" directory and the ".App-storage" directory. Those are the only two that would contain application images. I can tell you that most people do not have this problem and its probably the result of a patch.
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    I have extra images as well but mine only appear to be from the visualboy advanced program. Is this what you are see as well. If so the guys at webos internals need to do some hiding of the images.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grabber5.0 View Post
    ...discovered that my app images were the result of a app backup I had made on /media/internal...
    That is exactly what happened! Last week I had issue's with Preware and I backed up everything in the /media/cryptofs/ to a backup directory in case I had to do a wipe (I know, the /media/ is supposed to be safe, but I didn't think there would be any issues or repercussions from it). But I didn't think to make it hidden. I guess I haven't used the Photo app since then and didn't correlate the backup and the sudden appearance of all the new listings.

    Thanks so much!!

    I also added a bunch of music last week, so I still have a lot of album art. I tried to make the /music/ directory hidden, but then the music wouldn't play; the songs were found, without art, but wouldn't play. HOWEVER, this I can deal with! I know while I was searching for a solution for my original issue I can across some solutions. I can always get rid of the artwork, I don't usually stare at my Pre while listening!
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