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    So I too dropped my Pre one to many times and now the screen won't work. I decided that I wasn't gonna pay the 100 right now because I can use it on something else, I have a palm centro as my back up phone and I now know why I love the Pre sooooo much. I feel like I can't do anything with this phone, no mutlitasking ***, I need my Pre back asap
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    Johnny Five Alive! That's a great name for your Pre! If/whenever we get a microphone API, a Johnny-5 app would be really cool! This makes me want to see Short Circuit and War Games again to try and remember why I liked them.
    Number 5: "Stephanie.... Changed color... Attractive... Nice software! Mmmmm!"

    Too funny!!
    --Inspector Gadget

    "Go Go Gadget Pre!!"
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