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    Hi everyone! I've been checking this website out for quite some time. I currently have an iPhone 3G, and being a college student, I just can't afford AT&T's plan anymore. After lots of searching, I decided on getting a palm pre with sprint. I'm hoping to get enough money to buy one by selling my iPhone on eBay.
    anyways, I have some questions.
    1: Does getting the preware app and installing patches(I'm interested in the virtual keyboard) slow down the Pre? I jailbroke my iphone, and it slowed down by a LOT after I installed some patches.
    2: Will I get ev-do speeds in roaming areas? I live in zip code 68632 and on sprints map, it shows "mobile broadband roaming", but will it be at 3G speeds?
    Thats it, thanks! I'm excited to get my pre!
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    1. Patches do not necessarily slow down your pre. It depends on how many you have installed. But usually, you won't see a problem. Unless you download ALOT. But, I don't see any need to.

    & I don't know how to answer two. Im sorry
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    patches are pretty much all good. i've got like 30 (ish) on my phone and there is only one that seems to slow it at some times. and it's not a common one, really. it's just a cosmetic one i like.

    i guess themes slow the phone more, especially the ones that go really deep. i have one that changes all native app icons, and scrims native apps, and has an amazing look to it, and i haven't really noticed a difference. even if i did, it's just to damn pretty to take it off! lol

    pretty much though, patches are not going to affect performance.

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