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    so the All Calls list that shows, well, all calls - it sometimes wont update, as in it wont show the call that I just received

    this happens a lot and I cant pin down what causes it, but it seems to be that if I have the all calls screen open and the screen turns off then I get a call and answer it, it never shows upon the list

    I have some patches installed, the one to display the call duration in the menu as well as the advanced phone menu - I havent tried to uninstall them to see if this fixes the problem but I noticed this after the update for the one that shows the call duration in the menu
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    this just happened again - I made a call to my uncle and when I ended the call it was not on the list of calls

    anyone know whats happening here?
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    this happened again today - it appears to happen with calls that I call back that were missed calls

    I call it but when I hang up it dont show up on the list of calls
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    this happened again and I have already webos doctored my phone back to defaults and everything

    anyone know whats happening here

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