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    Quote Originally Posted by pullbangdead View Post
    Airplane mode if you can (heck, I think it's nice to get off the grid for a little while every day). Being in certain buildings, ones that block signal, will KILL battery.

    I work in labs often, and in the cleanroom and in the labs that are shielded to prevent interference (hence blocking the cell signal), my phone will constantly search for signal if I forget to turn on airplane mode. Searching for signal like that will kill the battery in just a couple of hours. If your phone is searching hard for signal at the gym, that can easily be your culprit, especially when combined with playing music.
    Even though Palm improved battery in low signal area i agree with this.

    My old phone used to go into standby mode if it didn't have a signal for like 10 minutes...and then it would search again if you opened it or something.
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    Thanks to all. I do have to use my phone as an MP3 player due to needing to have it on me due to work and family. I do like as the MP3 player, except I wish that the album art came over. I will keep an eye on the battery and see if the life increases as it has more charges under its belt. Ps you can change between songs from the front screen without unlocking it. Now if I could just get my Virtual keyboard to work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by clevin View Post
    at least you can buy a battery for it. When was last you you buy a battery for your iPod or iPhone?
    good point. That said I've never needed to as my ipod easily plays for 19 hours straight.

    Quote Originally Posted by strudel View Post
    How does the iPhone organize music better? The Pre, Iphone and basically any other mp3 player organize based on the mp3 tag information.
    i was only reading this thread cause my battery has been in about 3 hours on no use for the past few days. Today went from 100 to 38% in an two hours today. Regardless...

    i don't own an iphone but i do have an ipod. And i've given up on using my pre for music mostly because it's so tedious. For one thing. My ipod sorts better then the pre. On a pre it you select, "music", "genre" then it goes directly to a giant lists of songs. On my ipod "when i select "Music" "genre" it goes to "artist", "Album", then "songs". for a pre you get a giant alphabetical of songs. Hell i don't want to search through a massive list of songs. Plus if you one of those songs the next song is the next alphabetical song rather then the next song on an album. That's annoying cause if i don't want to hear a random song next by a random artist. i want to hear the next song on that album. I have a wide range of genre tastes so the other annoying thing is the next song often won't be in the same genre. like i don't wanna hear Mozart right after Tupac just cause they happen to be have two songs that are alphabetically next to each other. in that respect i prefer the way my ipod sorts. When i'm listening to rap i don't normally want to listen to classical.

    I also say. Palm has yet to provide a sufficient replacement for using itunes to sync, make playlists, download podcasts and listen to music, etc. Now i've tried every other solution like salling, media monkey, songbird. None work as good or are as integrated. itunes has drawbacks but the others have more for my needs. And it's simple. i stick the ipod on the cradle. It's automatically recognized. i don't have to go find my charger, unplug the cord, plug it into my computer, unlatch the flimsy door and plug it in, then remember remember which "mode" i'm supposed to select. And according to the CEO in the interview with that chick, Palm has no intention of making it's own desktop sync solution cause "everything will be in the cloud." Well not the couple hundred gigabytes of music on my hard drive so i still need a simple integrated solution for my music. So in both senses i find ipods do a much better job then my pre and i've stopped using it for music.

    Now the one exception was i used ampache mobile which is very cool but my other computer running my server died so i stopped until a buy a new one.

    Quote Originally Posted by strudel View Post
    I have had to restore my iPod to the factory settings more times then I have installed operating systems and I have been using computers for at least 15 years
    That's unfortunate. i've never had to do that to mine. I wonder if you have some sort of hard drive or hardware failure. There is a way to reset most ipods without erasing everything, if that's what you meant.

    Quote Originally Posted by strudel View Post
    I HATE iTunes with a passion, no piece of software has caused so many problems and so much frustration for me in all my time of using computers
    maybe it's your settings or your computer set up. aside from trying to rename my damn files early on and trying to sort **** by "album artist" it works great for me. All the alternatives are major resource hogs which is saying something cause Itunes isn't exactly lightweight. Except maybe winamp. but media monkey's ok but neither are as clean looking as itunes

    Quote Originally Posted by strudel View Post
    To be fair, I personally I think the Pre or an iPhone make terrible mp3 players at the gym.
    agreed. I have a nano just for workouts and running. works great. got a cheap refurbed one. never skips lasts for ever and it's lightweight and no touchscreen.

    Quote Originally Posted by strudel View Post
    in the car...(Pandora + Navigation FTW!) and unobtrusive notifications.
    i don't use pandora. i've got a large music collection and i'd rather listen to that. plus the limited space of the pre is an issue. My ipod has 80 GBs so at the moment that wins in the car because of the sheer variety that amount of space offers. Plus i've found the touch screen on my pre a pain in the *** to use when driving. it's not always responsive and it's easy to hit the wrong song. my 80gb still has a the wheel so i can use that quickly while driving.
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    Am I the only person that gets a list of genres when I tap "Genres" in the music player app? I've seen several people complain about it.
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