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    Sprint - Blackberry Tour
    T-Mo - My Touch or Nexus One

    I wouldn't go to the other carriers, too expensive!
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    I probably would've stuck with one of the free basic-phones.

    The Pre was the first phone which I ever felt excitement for. The Cards metaphor was pure genius (and I'll never get a slate which doesn't use a book metaphor), it's a very sleek phone with large potential. The developers decided to take a strong architecture approach (very strong compared to damn apple's implementations), and made a very clean phone which lacked only in features and hardware access.

    There's nothing like stunning implementation of an ingenious idea.
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    i would get Nokia N900. I might still get it, as a PDA, when price drops.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nbock01 View Post
    If the Pre didn't exist, I would probably be still using my Centro...Then once the price comes down a little on the Touch Pro 2 I would have gone for that. GLAD I HAVE MY PRE!

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    I jumped ship from Verizon before my contract was up for the Pre. My contract would have been up in December and, had I not had the Pre as an option, I most likely would have gotten a Droid.
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    Quote Originally Posted by voodoochild View Post
    Ive read a few reviews of the N900 and I have to say I am not a fan. Engadget has an article up that really points out that its meant to be a computer with phone functionality. I think its a lame excuse for the N900's gynormous size. Im not exaggerating one bit when I say that thing would NOT fit in my jeans pockets. Im really not a fan of the kick stand on it either. Maemo os looks pretty feature rich but I feel like the UI is the opposite of fluid. If you watch engadgets review they just put up and watch the movie, there is a while section about how getting from the app launcher to the home screen is a chore. I dont really get what is so tablety about the thing, does it really do that much more than any other smartphone out there. I have to say though, engadget did have a good review of the thing, they used the word iphone under 5 times!!!

    All in all, im not a huge nokia fan in the first place so I dont know how valid my opinion is.

    imma look at that review , thanks for the info
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    Same, My contract was coming to an end with verizon, and I tried out the curve which just wasnt doing it for me. At the time the Pre was probably the newest most exciting thing out. Im gunna see what palm has in store for us this summer and probably finish out my contract with sprint with whatever palm phone is out next.
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    Blackberry Tour 2
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    I'd go back to the n900. Maemo on VZ can't come fast enough.
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    can't imagine. Palm is all I know or care to know (m100, Palm III, Palm IIIc, Handspring Visor, Treo 180, Treo 270, Treo 600, Treo 700P, Palm TX, Pre)

    tried the ipod touch (for about 8 minutes)

    Palm or nothing for me
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    Quote Originally Posted by shopharim View Post
    can't imagine. Palm is all I know or care to know (m100, Palm III, Palm IIIc, Handspring Visor, Treo 180, Treo 270, Treo 600, Treo 700P, Palm TX, Pre)

    tried the ipod touch (for about 8 minutes)

    Palm or nothing for me
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    Prolly a droid. xD
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    I don't care what phone at&t had, never a thought. I remember last June when I was disgusted with my Storm and walked into the Sprint store, if it was not for the Pre I probably might have stuck it out on Verizon untill something better came along, Sprint or Verizon.
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    I'd probably be on a Hero with Sprint, if T Mo had sprints prices then I'd be on a Nexus 1.
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    I would probably still be on vzw and likely with a droid. I had already determined my next phone would be a smartphone, and android was the only viable platform for me until I discovered webos.

    I had looked at switching to tmobile but couldn't bring myself to do it. Don't know if I would have switched to sprint for an android phone, unless it came down to plan cost.
  16. #36 palm...I have no idea. If it was just Palm Pre missing, I'd go back to the treo 755, but no palm at all... uh...I'm drawing a blank. I haven't even looked at any of the other manufacturers. Well, maybe a black berry...I want a physical keyboard and similar form factor.
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    Samsung moment, only android phone out there with a decent physical qwerty board
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    No Pre at all? I might either have made the plunge for an Instinct or a Hero, or I'd still be holding onto my Treo 755 (which feels ancient whenever I use it to look up contacts or anything I still have on it).

    No Palm at all? Well, I'd probably would have gotten the original Instinct, hated it, and traded it for a Blackberry, which would have became a Hero down the line. Or I would have ended up trying out T-Mobile's lineup, despite the horrible experience I had with them in 2007.
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    32gb iPhone 3GS
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    Blackberry Bold 9700, imagine if the pre had that phone's battery life!
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