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    My Palm Pre runs I'm on Sprint. Just recently [but can't say when exactly] when someone sends me an email with a jpg photo attached this is what happens. First I try to download it. Usually each photo is supposed to be about 1MB. The download seems to get about 90% complete and hangs. I close the email and re-open it and try again. Eventually the file seems to be downloaded. When I go to open it, I get a message that the Pre can't find an application to open the file. Then when I look at the email the indication is that the size of the file is "-1" [that's right minus one]. I recently took one of the same photos off the desktop PC, converted it from jpg to tif and sent it to my Pre. I was able to open it and copy it to photos. Then, however, when I opened photos it wasn't there. Any thoughts? Thanks.

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    I noticed the same problem today when trying to email some wallpapers to myself. I did a search in the forums and came up with this thread.
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    phone does not read jpg anymore as far as i know
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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