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    Hey guys -- Just installed a Soundfly BT adapter in my car (bluetooth -> FM modulator) and I'm so thrilled and wondering how/why I ever lived without it. The weird thing, though, is that it rings when my phone rings but I don't hear any audible notifications when I receive an SMS or Email. Should I hear them through the bluetooth device or through the Pres speaker? I don't think I hear either!
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    I have this same problem too. My previous phones would ring the BlueTooth devices for a few seconds on every incoming SMS message. Pre only rings the BlueTooth device for incoming voice calls. Very frustrating as I don't always feel or hear the phone ring in my jacket pocket and have no idea I just missed an SMS message.

    I was hoping somebody would have made a patch for that, but going through the patch list, I don't see a fix for that yet (only make the LED flash). Hopefully Palm will someday add it!
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    I don't get any alerts via my bluetooth headset except for calls. So I'm betting your thing in your car is the same way.

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