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    I would love better browser. How about more options and better responsiveness. I'd love to be able to resize text on the fly, like android apparently does.

    We really don't have a lot of 'must-have' apps yet, and while I'm sure they will come eventually, the browser is the cloest thing to a stopgap between what killer apps we have and the one's we have yet to receive.

    Flash in 1.4 is going to go a long way to making the browser much more useful, but I hope the next several updates 1. add gpu support for the UI, which is huge, and 2. make the browser into a beastly, efficient, webpage thrilling machine.

    Once that is done, you can move into perfecting the video/music services for those of us who would like to use this device as a catch all, but, really, anything else is gravy.
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    how about give me the Pre 2
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