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    after 1.4
    i guessing will be 1.5
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    Quote Originally Posted by BBooDoc View Post
    Voice Dialing via Bluetooth

    Pre already has that capability using Microsoft Sync in a Ford vehicle. But it is mostly Sync which is doing the voice bit (and not that good at it!). However, the Bluetooth sync worked from day one with my Pre, when it was at WebOS 1.2, if I remember right.

    Personally, I hope that the updates just WORK. I still run into the "Too many cards" error message, saying I have too many apps to fit another one, yet 6.8GB left in RAM, despite V1.3.5..... whatever that we are at now.

    I love the Pre screen legibility, but the phone/OS functionality is not as good as my old Palm Centro yet.
    That is really surprising. are you on Because ever since 1.3.5, I barely ever, if at all, get the "too many cards" error. The only time I run into it is when playing 3d games now. and 6.8gigs you have free isnt RAM. That is storage. Space to put data, music, apps, etc. Your phone has 256mb of RAM and 8 gigs of storage
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    - sim toolkit +1
    - localization,
    - more input method, eg: virtual keyboard, chinese input (east asian language input), handwriting
    - better phone app
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    - Ability to transfer files over wifi (that is, without the USB cable).
    - Voice Memo
    - Voice Dialing
    - WMA playback in Music app
    - More features in the PIM apps.
    - Improve the whole way of doing select, cut and copy. Something more consistant and intuitive.
    - Would like the option for the lock screen to be the clock app.
    - Add/remove pages from the launcher.
    - Today screen
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    Quote Originally Posted by japomani View Post
    • PIMs
    • Access to PIM databases for 3rd party developers
    • GPU driven UI

    cool phone in the avy
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    Android 1.5 introduced a virtual keyboard to the platform; maybe it'll be true for webOS as well?
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    After minor updates to 1.4 I think it will be 2.0. We are getting very close to June/July when it should change over to version 2 a la iphone.
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    I keep seeing people say the iphone is snappy compared to the pre. I compared my pre with my brothers iphone the other day and Its really the iphone scamming everyone into thinking its faster. Everytime I open a web page or an app or something I've noticed that the iphone does in fact open it right up. But the app or page doesnt update and change for a few seconds. But when I open one on the pre is just doesnt bring up an old screen shot it brings up the app or page updated already. Yea it looks like the pre is lagging behind but its about the same cause the iphone hasn't actually loaded anything new. Its pretty much the same with everything. The pre is simply doing more upfront.
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    Decent use of the media sync button now the game of iTunes cat&mouse seems to be over
    A decent calendar (I cant even add a birthday which repeats every year FFS!!!!!!)
    SMS delivery confirmation option
    Bluetooth file transfer
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    without a log of whats been fixed we'll have to wait and see
    there are still many basic features missing

    also all these should be fixed:
    The Unofficial GSM Palm Pre Bug Thread - Palm Support Community
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    Quote Originally Posted by peabrain View Post
    there are still many basic features missing
    Many people cannot be bothered about many of those "basic" features.

    I could not care less about voice dialing; that's not just a figure of speech, I seriously could NOT care less about it.
    I laugh when people whine about being unable to change the SMS ringtone, it really shows where they're putting their priorities.
    I have had telephones with video cameras these past seven years (starting with a Nokia 3650 in 2003) and believe I have taken ONE video in all this time. Sure it's cool that video recording and editing comes to the Pre, and they should advertise it, but it won't help me a bit.

    And so on. People are always calling for this feature and that feature and a compass, but then they breathe in and start complaining about how feature creep ruined their favorite software and turned it from an elegant solution into a sluggish, overburdened piece of crap. What's it gonna be, then?
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    I love my Pre and the thing I miss the most on a daily basis is video recording. But beyond that, here's my wishlist:

    GPU accelerated GUI (faster transitions)
    Better & Faster calendar
    Better SMTP support in email (somehow I just can't send emails over any setting for my POP3 business account - have to resort to gmail to send my business emails!)
    Speed improvements everywhere...
    Opening app catalog worldwide
    720p or DVD quality video recording
    Red Eye reduction in camera (the flash-flicker thing)
    File management app (the most fundamental use for copy-paste!)
    Better contacts management with groups and selective syncs
    Better facebook app
    Call and voice recording support

    I'm not a big fan of voice-dialing tho no harm in getting that too!
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    does anyone think that the capability of video/sound recording will possibly open up voice dialing capabilities and possibly voice memos?
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    Quote Originally Posted by GFS View Post
    does anyone think that the capability of video/sound recording will possibly open up voice dialing capabilities and possibly voice memos?
    I sure hope so. Would be nice and safer when needed with hands free driving.
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    Quote Originally Posted by abhinandanjain View Post
    Better SMTP support in email (somehow I just can't send emails over any setting for my POP3 business account - have to resort to gmail to send my business emails!)
    Who is your provider? You shouldn't be having this issue. The Pre fully supports SMTP.
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    Better PIM management:

    Invitation of calendar events as well as managing invitees
    Automatic integration of birthdays and anniversaries
    Task sync with popular online products like "Dont forget the Milk" or Google
    Allow for organization of the order of contact info (if I want the office number to be on top, I can switch it on the Pre)
    Built-in export function of contacts
    More speed in Calendar
    Call length in Call history
    Ability to SMS from Call Log

    Better Universal search - includes web bookmarks, customizable search engines
    Customizable home screens (as many as I want) with naming options, tabs, and icon options (3x3, 4x4, 5x4, etc)
    More sound options (ringtones for voicemail, SMS, and email sounds separetly)
    Profiles (or at least the API's for such an App to be made)
    Mic API!!!!
    LED API (so it legitimizes the Torch apps)
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    1- Speed
    2- Speed
    3- Speed
    100- Speed
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiddlekins View Post
    I think the next big step would be hardware-accelerating the OS itself. I would also love a visual voicemail application.
    Quote Originally Posted by igobytony View Post
    overall speed. it's better than bearable, as is, but i'd like it to be iphone snappy, even with several apps (like pandora, ann app DLing, email, etc...) open and running.
    +1 Speed is what I want the most. I'm tired of iPhone friends rubbing my nose in the speed thing. It bugs me.
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