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    Okay I am from Canada and in Canada we spell the word "install" just like that. I am a developer and am getting annoyed that every time I txt or email a colleague with the word "install" (which is actually quite a lot) it gets autocorrected as "instal." I googled "define:instal" and found that it is an alternate spelling, but who uses that??!

    Sorry just a little rant.
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    Is this a Canadian thing? because I don't see this on my Sprint Pre.
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    Yeah, I wrote a big rant about Palm's regional autocorrect dictionaries too - there are a number of ways to edit the autocorrect manually so that you don't have to deal with this - are you comfortable rooting your Pre and running commands in Linux?

    If you're not comfortable doing that then you can just set your regional language settings to U.S. (change the "Language" option under Regional Settings on your device) then you'll get a standard dictionary.

    I'm not sure how many regional spelling differences there are between Canada and the US - there are lots between the UK and US, so I had to root my Pre and edit the dictionary manually. If you'd like to do this, let me know and I'll post instructions.

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