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    Over the past few weeks, i plug my phone in and it says it's charging, come back in the morning and nothing. Never charged.

    It happens whether the phone is on or off. It charges sometimes whether it's on or off.

    I do have the 2600 seido battery, but i don't know why that would make a difference. I've had the battery in the phone for months with no issues.

    I did notice when i used to turn the phone off with it plugged in, it would always come back on, now it doesn't. but sometimes it charges still and sometimes it doesn't

    anyone have any suggestions

    edit. one other thing it's been doing is all of a sudden it will say battery life is low and phone will shut off soon. then a couple minutes later it will be back at 80-90% or so
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    Sounds like a dud battery my friend. Which is a shame because I know those Seido 2600's are expensive. Try and get a replacement or a refund.

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