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    I agree with OP.

    Speed/ fluidity, PERIOD.

    Makes, would make a HUGE difference. I don't care how spoiled we have become, it's an extremely competitive market out there.

    Focus on speed and blow everyone away!


    This post is ENTIRELY based on (my) opinion
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    Quote Originally Posted by mullrat View Post
    I see this a lot. Why not use the gpu? I'm pretty sure that the reason the iphone can use the gpu in it's apps is that it doesn't multitask. So if you have a 3d game on and you try and launch another card it technically can't use the gpu. This means that the device has to differentiate what apps to launch when and what to use. Kind of a lot to ask for for a 1.x build imho
    This is completely wrong.

    Palm is lazy, they don't want to do things the right way. They want to do things the fast way . . . mostly because they have to. We will never see a GUI as snappy and smooth as iPhones.
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    Remember your PC can run multiple 3D applications at the same time - the GPU is not locked to a single app (unless you run a really old/awful operating system)
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    Quote Originally Posted by gregcolon3 View Post
    If the gpu is going to used for flash in the browser then how far off is gpu to gui implementation.
    Yeah I was wondering this myself. If flash is using the GPU within the GUI (Browser), then they can't be far off from accelerating the entire GUI.
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    I suspect that WebOS will never be as fast as iPhone - it is written using HTML, CSS, Javascript - all which have to be heavily interpreted - iPhone apps are written natively in C - you just cannot compare the two.

    I suppose it's possible that they could optimize the web based stuff sooo much (and add some more powerful hardware) that is became fast enough that you wouldn't notice the difference, but that is a ways off and it really makes me question if palm made the right decision with WebOS.
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