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    When I get a new device, I try to type as much as I can when I first get it to get used to it as fast as I can.

    In memos, it types perfectly....however, when typing a message in SMS or Mail it seems to double type some letters when only typing them once. Is this a lag issue or something? Anyone else experience this?
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    I've never experienced that. Suggestion take it into your provider repair shop and see if they can duplicate it. It might be a hardware problem or it might be you just aren't realizing you are hitting the key twice.
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    Yes.. I've also experienced this. I kept thinking it was me doing an unnoticeable double tap... but I don't think so.
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    I've done this w/o noticing, but it's always me double tapping after a little bit of realization. Usually when my hands are cold and trying to type fast.
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    I get keyboard errors all the time. Doublig letters is annoying but the one that kills me is when it completely skips letters because the OS is lagging. It's palm life I guess...
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    When you are typing, if you keep the key pressed down, it will continue to repeat that letter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by netwrkr9 View Post
    When you are typing, if you keep the key pressed down, it will continue to repeat that letter.
    I only keep it pressed for a split second
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    I have been noticing that too, but I thought it was just because the phone setup was new to me (coming from BB)
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    Happens to me, too, but still not nearly as bad to type on as my old Eris :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by DougFNJ View Post
    I only keep it pressed for a split second
    I have had my Pre since June and never have had this problem yet in messaging or any where else.
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    I was having the same issue, and it's definitely a hardware issue - happened to me in sms and notes. I just swapped my Pre Plus for a new one... but I might note that I used to have a Sprint Pre and never ever had keyboard issues like this in the 7 months I had it. I am a power texter/emailer and I'm sure a lot of you guys are too.

    You need to make sure you voice these issues to Verizon and to tech support so they recognize it as a known issue and we can make sure they don't hassle us if we need an exchange.

    This definitely is not normal behavior though, the double letters is so aggravating.
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    Are all of you guys who are having issues Verizon Pre Plusers?
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    I have the Sprint Pre and this happens to me all the time. I thought I was just fat fingering the keys, but I've noticed that it only happens on 2 keys: [i] and [spacebar]. I've learned to live w/ it and just proofread, but the extra spaces are a little harder to eyeball. I'm thinking its a hardware issue, but I think I can bear the burden until the latest and greatest webos device comes out in the summer in time for an upgrade (I'm claiming it!!).
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    Happens on my "R" key the most any where from no letter to 2 to 4 letters showing up when I type the letter "R".

    I does it on a couple of letters as well as far as double typing the letter but for me the "R" is the worst.
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    weird. i am having this right now only with the spacebar. either i get no space or 2 spaces. i was about to go down to sprint and cash in my opening day Pre for a refurb. i figured if it wasnt hardware it was a bad patch.
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    i'm having the issue on my pre plus as well.
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    I have had my pre plus for about a week and my E and R double sometimes. I will probably take it to VZN for an exchange. I had similar problems with other palm products (700p and 755) so I am little hesitant to return this one. I could end up with 4 bad letters. I had a 700p that you had to use a hammer to type with....

    I have some time to make another swap if it is defective so I may do it now.
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    I have the sprint pre and I'm having the same issue, but mine is mostly with the space bar either double or maybe even tripple spacing sometimes it doesn't move at all
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    Ok glad to know this wasn't only me... I too have been having this problem....Only in the messenger application.. It would seem that my H & U keys are most problematic, yet it's not a problem when typing out URLs in the browser app... Very annoying.
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    Funny enough, I have had this problem with the Pre Plus. In my case, it's one letter: "e". I never had any issues with the Pre on Sprint with that or any other letter key inadvertently repeating. When I realized it was the "e," I held the key in very firmly for about ten seconds (which of course caused "e" to repeat, intentionally this time though). Since doing that, I've not had a problem... Very peculiar, but hopefully easy to solve?
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