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    this is a deal breaker for me. what is the point of getting a phone with physical keyboard if i always have to backspace. Most annoying when typing long emails and you dont notice it until too late.
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    So I had the same problem on my Pre Plus. My 'e' key was constantly producing 'ee'. I exchanged the unit for a new one at Verizon yesterday, and so far I haven't noticed the problem on my new Pre. I will report back if it starts to happen again, though.

    To those of you out there who are considering whether you should exchange your Pre due to the "sticky" keys, I would definitely recommend exchanging it. It wasn't *that* much of a hassle (although I did get lucky to get a competent Verizon rep).
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    cpmd, glad I was able to help!

    Justinyu, yeah definitely let us know if it keeps happening with you. I know I'm having the same issue on my second pre plus (although not nearly as bad), so I am really curious to see if it continues to be a problem with other people's 2nd set.
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    My Pre Plus is having the same issue with the h, n, r, u, and i keys.
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    It's Y, I C, and M for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by m0sim View Post
    Personally I'm trying to gut it out. The letter anomaly is frustrating but not a deal breaker for me... yet. Little back story I switched from Sprint to VZW and everything except the keyboard has been what I've wanted. cpmd, if this is your first WebOS device I would definitely try to gut it out for a little longer - at least until 1.4 gets released on Verizon.

    I have been hounding Palm and Verizon about the issue in hopes that if we get this recognized a firmware fix could alleviate our double key entry problems.

    For unrecognized key presses, I think that's just something we will have to get used to on the Pre+ - pushing down a little harder than we used to (for all use Sprint --> VZW people).

    I've called VZW tech support and chatted with Palm tech support, so far it *appears* that this is an unrecognized issue by them. I'm not sure if they are just trying to cover their posteriors, or if they legitimately don't think it's a problem.

    My recommendation, keep complaining until our voices get heard - and like I said - at the very least gut it out until 1.4. WebOS is hands down the best mobile experience I've ever had, and I've definitely been around the block.

    Sorry that this ended up being kind of rant, btw. Hope this helps.
    I also posted this at the palm forums so hopefully Palm will see this issue...

    This is going to be a long post, but hope this helps other users and maybe even Palm.

    I purchased a Palm Pre with a two year plan maybe a little more than a week ago. I actually recognized the problem in the store, but the guy told me to not worry about it and get used to the keyboard, so I trusted him and took the phone back (bad call). I was suspicious as well that it was user error at first, but I quickly found that even when I was *extremely* careful, the phone would often not register keys, or register multiple of a key (like "How are yyyou oing?"). My B button also did not fully depress / click (very annoying). I went back to the Verizon store today to address the issue and they were "unable to successfully replicate it in the store environment" but the store guy admit that it was difficult to accurately or reliably diagnose the problem since he wasn't used to the Pre keyboard, and wasn't using it over an extended period of time. However he gave me a number to call (1 (800) 922-0204? I don't remember number now, someone please verify) and told me that tech services would probably know how to address my problem better.

    I got back home and called them. I've worked in tech services before and know this is a thankless job, so I'm going to have to say that this is one of the nicest and most helpful tech agents I've had help me out in a long time. Wasn't quite sure on the pronunciation or spelling of his name, so I'm going to call him "J".

    J looked around the issue and very quickly checked the technical issue list to see if this was an existing problem. According to him, the problem wasn't currently in the issue inventory, although there were various reports of minor keyboard issues that were inconclusively evaluated thus far. I explained to him the problem, and it was unclear whether this was a software or hardware issue. We ended up doing a reset of my device, but the issues still persisted. As a result, he went ahead and not only filed a product inquiry for this issue, but waived the restocking fee usually associated with product exchanges that could not be "verified".

    Hopefully, Palm will do something about this problem. I'll be getting my new device in a few days.

    Btw, can anyone else verify whether this is an issue solely related to Verizon's Palm Pre Plus or is it universal across all the Pre's (hardware/software)? I sincerely hope I do not get the same issue with my next Pre. I really don't want to buy another skinomi tech skin after the one I already bought :/.

    Hope this helps,

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    I ended up buying a Pre, and returned it due to the keyboard issue. The replacement pre did the same thing. When I went to return the second pre I tried to buy a droid, but decided to try it again. My third pre doesn't have the keyboard issue, but it has a very loose sliding mechanism. I'm giving up on the pre, the software was excellent but I just can't deal with the hardware issues. If you have the keyboard issue, try exchanging the pre in the store, but personally I'm fed up.
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    I had the same issue as everyone else reports. I received my Pre Plus from Verizon as a Valentine's day present from my boyfriend. The E, I, H, Y, and G keys were happy to reproduce extra friends. The B and L keys were consistent to not type the letter. After 3 days, I returned it to Verizon and they happily exchanged it for a new one.

    The new one works perfectly now, no keyboard miss-types and the battery life actually seems MUCH better as well as my first one was. Just my insight and experience to note to the others who have voiced similar complaints.
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    I am a Pre Plus user with Verizon and experience the same thing.

    I am taking mine back for a replacement tomorrow. Which I feel kind of lame about for some reason. When I bought it the lady was kind of trying to talk me out of it; she suggested Droid. I was telling her how many good things I've heard about the Pre, WebOS, etc. Now I gotta go back in and get exchange this for a new
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grizzld View Post
    Happens to me, too, but still not nearly as bad to type on as my old Eris :-)
    So true. The Eris was the worst droid phone! I ditched it to get to the pre plus.

    The eris was a lag POS!
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    I have been experiencing the double and triple tap letters and even had the N key repeat itself a if i was holding it down, i have even had missed letters too, and i'm very scared to replace my pre, it is a release day pre first one from my store to be exact.

    I was reading and saw someone say they held their key in for 10 second and it worked;

    I just turned my pre off and went through the whole keyboard and held them in and also ran my thumb across the key multiple times and actually just typed in

    "hey i'm not sure if this is going to work but i figured i would give it a try because i really don't want to have to get my pre replaced"

    It actually worked by pressing in the keys and all when it was turned off, i typed that completely looking at the keys and it didn't double or triple tap any letters or space.

    It is a huge relief for now, i hope it stays this way.

    Sorry for the long post but i hope this may help those out there that may not have had their pre replaced yet and like me were getting a headache because of this issue!
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    Hey everybody... Just picked up my Pre Plus a few days ago, and I'm having the double letters/spaces with every letter in every application!! It sounds like some of you have gotten new Pre's with no issues.... I love webOS, but this is making me mad I didn't wait for the BB Essex.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackBerryGuru View Post
    Hey everybody... Just picked up my Pre Plus a few days ago, and I'm having the double letters/spaces with every letter in every application!! It sounds like some of you have gotten new Pre's with no issues.... I love webOS, but this is making me mad I didn't wait for the BB Essex.

    I just turned my pre off and went through the whole keyboard pressing every key rapidly and held them in for a few seconds and also ran my thumb across the keys multiple times; This worked i just typed a whole paragraph with no issues!

    I was with the BB Storm and love WebOS i definitely suggest giving this a try.
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    Placebo or not...Ill see but I pressed hard on the keys that were causing problems and sorta ran my fingers around the keyboard and I ran a test run and it seemed to feel better. We'll see how the day goes. THANKS
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    So I shut my pre+ off and pressed and held every key individually for 10 seconds, then turned it back on. I opened up a memo pad to type:

    "this is a test to see how the keyboard is working after holding all keys for 10 seconds"

    and it came out,

    " this is a test too s howw thee keyboar is working after holdding all keeys for 10 secons"

    So in summation I will say that this didn't work for me, here's to hoping 1.4 fixes it.
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    my wife's verizon palm pre plus has this problem with the sticking keys since we bought it a month ago. mine has other issues but not this one.
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    gtr37, Sorry to hear it didn't work for you, on the poll thread for this issue i saw a few people try it and it worked, so it seems to be hit or miss; may i suggest pressing them rapidly like you would if it was a video game, they both did that as well and it might help.
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    There's an article on Precentral about this right now:
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    I have had a Sprint Pre since right about launch, and have had multiple characters (mostly "a", ""n", "i", and spaces) showing up in messaging as of late, same as others. It is so intermittent that it's frustrating...seems to do it when I'm not paying attention, then when I try to isolate it between HW and SW issues it doesn't do it at all.
    One good thing is that WebOS eliminates the double spaces in outgoing text messages: they show in your editing field as you type it, but as soon as you send the message it drops the extra spaces. As for the other doubles, well yeah, I look like aa retaard.
    I did just try the "keyboard mash" technique a few minutes ago, and haven't had a double character since. ..but like I said, I think I'm subconsciously paying attention to it- so it works now.
    Glad to see this in the forums, though. I thought I was going crazy and this at least tells me I'm not...well, that or we're all going crazy together.
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    If "paying attention to it now" works, then it sounds like user error, not HW or SW.

    I'm going to try the placebo Hulk Smash on my space bar to see if that takes care of the problem.
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