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    There is no market for such a device running the iphone OS that does less than the iphone. It may compete somewhat with the kindle, but the users of that device is not going to pay a fee to att for web connectivity. This Ipad will be the biggest flop since the Newton.
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    I think that if Apple would have made the Ipad first and then the Iphone, it would have made more sense. If you have devise smaller than I laptop, but too big for regular use on the go, then the Iphone would have been the answer.
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    The ipad should kill itself. Nobody needs an overly large screen without a good keyboard that doesn't bed so you can type comfortably. Nobody needs to spend $700 to get the basics when a $300 netbook will do just fine. But you have to remember it's Apple. Stevie Jobs believes it's better to go without food than without an Apple product running your life and draining your wallet.
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    I was wondering how many iphone owners will buy an ipad. Thats ipad market niche.
    I donīt see too many new customers at all.
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    I think ****** agrees with all of you. See theYouTube video below.
    ******'s angry reaction to the iPad:
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