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    Hello folks,

    I didn't realize how long a member I was here.....coming over from Treocentral from over 5 years

    I have been with Palm since the first Palm Pilot, followed it up to the last very buggy Verizon Treo and disappeared to Blackberry for a couple years.

    After seeing the remarkable jumps Palm made with WebOS I was wanting that Sprint one when it first came out, but wasn't jumping Verizon's ship. So when Verizon first announced the Pre Plus, I was very happy until I could work nothing out with price Unfortunately I dropped my Blackberry Storm 2 yesterday playing football with my Girlfriend's son. So I went to Craigslist to see if any were for sale.....I lucked out and found a brand new one for $350

    Lots of changes from Treo to was a bit of work getting my calendar to the device, the rest went smoothly as I had all my contacts on Google. Still trying to figure out how to transfer the memos

    Overall pretty satisfied. The small keyboard is going to take some getting used to with my large thumbs....the keys are a bit firm, but I am guessing they will work in. The only 2 concerns I have I am hoping someone could address.....

    The guy took the device out of a brand new bunch shipped from Palm. It was definitely never opened, yet there was an email address activated on the phone Palm walked me through a reset and didn't understand it, but that was a bit concerning. The phone activated with no problem, but that was odd.

    When the slider is open, I get a bit of a creak on the right side.....everything is tight, other than that, I am guessing it is the sliding spring loaded mechanism.....other than that everything is good.

    Now the search for a side holster
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    Welcome back to Palm.

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