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    Recently my Palm Pre (UK 02 network) has developed a very annoying trait. I will press the screen lock button at the top right to turn off the screen but the slightest knock or pressure on the phone and the screen will light up. This is not only annoying but decreases the battery life. I have tried it with both the touchstone cover and standard one, and the prob exists with both.

    I did take it back to the store and they were going to send it off but had no replacement phone to give me whilst mine was away. I'm hoping there's an easy fix that someone else has come up with for this.

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    It may be that your battery isn't sitting right. I have a similar problem (on a first release phone), where moving the phone, tapping it, etc. while it's off causes it to turn on.

    The issue is that the battery is sitting too close to the contacts. I put a bit of paper at the bottom edge of the battery, forcing it to be further away from the contacts. Works quite well, although: (1) Palm explicitly says not to do this, (2) I suppose it could cause a fire, (3) it makes the battery hard to remove and, in fact, the last time I tried to remove the battery, it actually cut it open.

    Palm apparently has resolved this problem by button a piece of foam where I'm putting the rolled up paper. If you phone doesn't have this piece of foam, that is likely the solution.
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    Well this works a treat - put some paper in (although with my battery it needed pushing towards the contacts) and my phone now behaves itself!

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