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    Quite upset about this. the slider mechanism has scratched and damaged the back mirror so after one week it looks like I have had it for a year.
    I googled it and lots of people are having this issue, but I can't return mine as I did not get it from an official retailer (even though it was brand new)
    The scratches do not bother me but that is poor build on Palm's part, and when I want to sell it it will bring down the value of the phone.
    Is there anything I can do?
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    There's a mirror on the back? ;-)
    Don't think anyone will care if it's scratched, it's pretty useless anyways.
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    If you sell to places like cex in the UK they grade items from A-C, mine is already a B and worth around 20 less as B is for cosmetic damage. I wouldn't mind if I had had it a year or even 6 months but one week isn't right for that amount of damage, the mirror is scratched down to the bottom plastic in 2 places 2 inches long.
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    I've had my Pre nearly 8 months. I just looked at the mirror for the second time since I bought it, and I don't have any scratches on it.

    Not a problem for all of us.

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