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    I think this has been addressed but I can't find the thread.

    I have been a treo 700wx user. Love it. Read mobipocket and ereader books on it all the time. If I cant install my books I will return the pre soon. I like the phone execpt I can't read my books.

    I installed the pReader. can't get it to take my books. how step by step do you get it to install and transfer books? both unsecure and secure?

    It has only been one day with out my ebooks and I will not be happy if I have to buy a Kindel or sony thing. Or return the pre.

    and Yes the ebooks are the reason for a smart phone.

    I am not computer illiterate, but I am screwing something up.......
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    Have you transferred the books to a folder on your Pre by putting it in USB drive mode?
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    After you have transferred your ebooks to a folder on the Pre, start up pReader and add each book to the library.
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    Can anyone help? I have pReader installed fine, then downloaded NIVBible in pdb format - assured this will work with pReader but when I go to add it to the library on pReader it just freezes.
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    I will say that the preader is ok. not like the mobipocket reader but I can live with it. I can't live with out ebooks.
    I wish that it was not so many step process to load the books. Or that I could download directly to the phone like I did from Fictionwise.

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    Your other option is KOBO. I use them both. I like the fact that Kobo is native, but pReader allows me to get books from more places.

    I never liked mobipocket, but loved eReader.

    It really isn't a big deal moving the books and the fact that someone is doing it on their own time for free is awesome!

    Also, there are a couple native Bible apps that you should be able to use specifically for that.
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    Can anyone confirm that preader works with the epub file formated books that are sideloaded? And if so how? The newest version states thjat it now supports epub but I have tried over 2 dozen epub books without success.
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    I dl,d 8.020 and it installed without issue However it does not see any books I have waited ten minutes and it tells me that the document list is empty Can someone assist me please

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