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    I alread posted in "Ask a Sprint rep". Nothing yet on that. But figured some of you might have a clue on this as it's been like this on 2 out of my last 3 phones. Sprint store I finally moved to get away from my previous one had a manager that told me to take a new one. It also was forgetting who I dialed 10 minutes ago.

    It lasted 3 days before it started to always be on low volume. Tonight I've been careful to just set it down and watch it. I finally caught it lighting up for just a second and the volume bar lit too. I wasn't sure if my Bluetooth might be guilty so i turned it off at the phone even though the Bluetooth was on the charger. I'm using a Jawbone Prime. Is there a chance random Bluetooth signals might be straying into the Pre?

    More later... Anyone else having a volume problem resembling this?

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    the only issue I got wit sound is the silent switch on top, it turns on n off rapidly when I turn the switch on.

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