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    Compare the number of actions it takes to turn on/off wifi on the iphone vs pre. Or how you can put any app or bookmark into quick launch for one swipe access on the pre. Or how you can switch between full screen apps or web pages with one swipe. The pre is very user friendly.
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    My wife & I both had Centros before I got the Pre. I was taking the Pre in to get looked at (bad headphone jack, replaced on the spot) and she let me borrow her Centro, since she was going to be home the entire time I was out.

    I dropped the Pre off, got in my car, and was about to call my wife. Turned on her phone. It was in the TXT app. Okay, close that...wait. Where the heck do I swipe to close this stupid app?? How do I get to the PHONE??

    I had been on a Centro for almost TWO YEARS. But the Pre's gestures, etc. Had completely taken over my brain in just a few weeks. Really.

    Oh, and I had the same impression you did from playing with one in the store. It all seemed busy. Too much.

    You get used to it FAST, and never want to go back.
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    The keyboard is annoying for me but no real complaints here
    Palm M100 => Treo 755P => Treo 800w => Treo 755p => Palm Pre => No more Palm/HP products
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    Well, I can concur with the OP. I do/did find the Pre tiring to use...constantly opening/closing, always closed when I really wanted it open, power button in the wrong spot (again for my preference), bad keyboard compared to Pixi. I went to a Pixi and I love it...its definitely the right phone for me.

    Think the Pre is a great device too, which is why I haven't e-bay'd mine...but I don't miss it.
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    I actually find it easy to use and very fun. I never tire of it.

    I switched from an Instinct and hated (and I do mean hated) the virtual keyboard. The having to turn from landscape to portrait for using the keyboard when browsing was a bit weird but now I'm used to it.

    There are some on here how have an app for virtual keyboard so if you like that them you can get one of far as I've read then you wouldn't have to switch between landcape-portrait to use it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SprintTreoUser View Post
    I've done some searching, but maybe I'm just not putting in the right words to search on...

    I currently have a Centro and am considering a Pre. I've played with the Pre a couple of times at the Sprint store.

    Maybe it's because I'm no used to it yet or just so used to my Centro, but it seemed to be a lot of effort to use. Leaving the slider open all the time seems awkward and I found myself constantly opening/shutting the keyboard. Constant finger this way and that way... Maybe I'm just used to my 5 way Navigator.

    What about browsing in landscape mode. On top of all that, do you now have to flip the phone back vertical to enter text?

    But, then I walked over to the....sorry....Apple Store....and played with the iPhone. Although the virtual keyboard takes some getting used to, it just seemed much easier to use.

    So, does anyone find the Pre tiring to use? Maybe I'm just nuts...oooorrr....maybe I just don't want to admit to myself that I really want an iPhone.
    I had all generations iPhone and when Palm arrived in the UK I sold my iPhone 3Gs and renew my contract, that was last October. I'm still happy with my Palm Pre and I'm not missing iPhone not one second.

    BTW you can have virtual keyboard on Palm Pre too.
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    It makes me want to throw it against the wall sometimes, but it's what I'm stuck with, and overall it's a good phone with a few infuriating flaws. Though I'm not entirely sure how the iPhone would be less "tiring" -- you still have to swipe it to open the phone, and you have to slide screens to see more icons. The fact that the Pre has a physical keyboard trumps any other advantage the iPhone might have for me.
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