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    I'm really interested if anyone is working on a business card scanner that would use the camera to take a picture of the card and then analyze it and turn it into a contact. Something like Worldcard Mobile's product for Windows Mobile and Iphone?
    Loved it on my HTC Touch and I'd be willing to pay for that.
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    +1 for a good app
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    Sounds awesome, but I haven't seen anything like that for the pre/pixi
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    I think the problem is the same as why there isn't a good barcode/QR code scanner yet for the Pre. The camera isn't good enough in close up shots. It doesn't focus well enough, and there's no manual macro mode to get really sharp focused shots of that detail with the camera that those kind of apps require.
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    This comes under the heading "app that won't be created until the camera is upgraded"... just like the barcode reader everyone wants.
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    There are plenty of business card scanners out there that upload to PC based address books like Outlook or Palm Desktop. Then you can sync them to the Pre. I know this isn't the fancy "spy-cam" app you're looking for, but it does the trick.
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    Does anyone know if this auto focus problem is a hardware issue (i.e. need the next gen Pre) or a software issue (WebOS 1.4 surprise bonus)?
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    The point about the camera is a very good one. I just tried some sample pics of my business cards and they came out terrible.
    GoBears, I know the scanners you are speaking of, but I much prefer to be at a convention or event and knock the card scanning out instantly. As a technology consultant, it was a great conversation piece with people to use the software on my old Touch to instantly OCR their card and hand it back to them to use again. Got people talking a bit more and asking questions which I could answer.
    Sigh, I hope this might be fixable with a firmware upgrade as I'd love to see a quality version of this app.
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    usually this kind of issue isn't a firmware issue. You can't really patch in an auto-focus/macro lens,
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    They did "patch in an auto-focus/macro lens" for Hubble! OK, OK, so we don't have NASA's budget... then again, neither does NASA anymore...

    Seriously though - anyone seen any progress on a Business card OCR'ing app?
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    And now (with Pre 3's)? Okay, I'm enough of a webOS-realist to know that no app is probably forthcoming, but does anyone know a website where you can forward a jpeg and get a vcf pushed to you?
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