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    Weird...brand new pixi plus on verizon works perfectly sending sms texts to anyone and receiving sms from anyone EXCEPT AT&T Iphones!

    Posted at Palm Forums and now a second person reports same issue. Verizon tech support couldn't figure it out today and said their engineers are working on it. see thread at:

    Re: new palm pixi won't receive at&t texts - Palm Support Community

    Any one else with a verizon pixi plus want to try and duplicate? we can send sms out to at&t iphone and receive a reply but its empty, i.e., the colored box comes in like any new text but there's no message.

    randy in florida.
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    UPDATE: Issue is NOT just with AT&T Iphone...appears to be any AT&T text. Affects both reply to an original verizon sms as well as a SMS originated from AT&T.
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    This is happening with my Sprint Pre also. My friend who has an iPhone, sometimes when he texts me the SMS is just blank. So we know that it isn't just the Pre or the carrier. My best guess is AT&T is having problems in the servers.
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    interesting...a conspiracy theorist might be drawn to think that after the verizon/at&t advertising war at&t has resorted to sms sabatoge. (a joke...don't this seriously...???)
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    For those who are having this issue: was your phone number ported from another carrier?
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    im not having this issue, sprint pre
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    try shutting your WIFI off on should fix that
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    My Sprint Pre is having the same problems with/without wifi on. My other friend's AT&T blackberry is receiving triple messages. Everything he get sent comes in 3 times.
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    Glad I have a Sprint Pre
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    any pixi or pre users having this problem?
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    Receiving the messages from your Pre to his blackberry get triple messages?
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    I've had this problem in the past with my Sprint Pre and my friend's iPhone- wifi/no wifi, no particular rhyme or reason to it that I can tell.

    @dallashigh: My Sprint number was assigned with my contract. No port.
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    Just had a reply to my post on Palm Forum questioning whether Verizon customers experiencing this issue are former Alltel customers. My phone is and at least one of the other posters on Palm Forum are as well.

    Another confusing input is that my son's Pixi is also have the same problem receiving SMS from a friend on Sprint...that's a different network and not an Iphone.
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    I am one of the posters on the thread Andy is talking about...I have a Palm Pixi Plus and am also a former Alltel subscriber (years ago) and I am having the same issue - EXCEPT:

    It isn't just with sms coming from AT&T, it appears to be anyone who is not on Verizon as I have friends who txt me from Sprint and the exact same thing happens - blank messages. It also isn't phone specific as my friends on Sprint have Blackberrys and my friend from AT&T has a regular dumbphone...

    Big time pain in the **** and Verizon told me today that they closed my trouble ticket without resolution. I was free to trade my phone for a non-Palm phone since it was in the first 30 days...They are hoping Palm will fix the problem but that is the only option left..

    Not too happy...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nomadic View Post

    Receiving the messages from your Pre to his blackberry get triple messages?
    nope someone else.
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    Maybe Jobs is only allowing iPhones to connect to other iPhones. Seems like it's his modus to lock others out of things.
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    Palm engineers working on this issue....appears to affect palm pixi plus on verizon but only for former alltel customers now on verizon. Log files being forwarded to Palm.

    Does NOT appear to be at&t specific or iphone specific.
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    I look forward the fix. I have new PrePlus, my wife a new PixiPlus, both on Verizon. We are former Alltel , but these phones both "on Verizon" since the day they were activated. SMS from verizon phones arrive just fine on both the Pre and Pixi.

    Pixi gets all blank fields on SMS from phones out-of -network, Pre gets the message or a double message from the same sender.

    I have tried deleting contact, then rebooting, then re-entering contact as suggested in older threads elsewhere- doesn't work.
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    to help us all out go to the Palm Support Forums and log your item. Their engineers are working on it but the more who log in and post may help speed things up.

    new palm pixi won't receive at&t texts - Palm Support Community

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    Edit: thanks for the link.
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