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    GOOD NEWS! Palm reported today that this issue has been resolved. This affected new Palm Pixi Plus customers on Verizon who had been PREVIOUS ALLTEL customers only. Texts outside the Verizon network would come through blank in Pixi devices only. The matter was resolved by Palm engineers working with Verizon's network folks. All SMS messages work as they should.

    KUDO's to Palm Support who listened and jumped on the matter even while Verizon was trying to figure out what was going on. The Palm Support Board at does a GREAT job of LISTENING to their customers.

    Thanks Palm.
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    Very cool. Glad to hear that it's fixed.
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    Posts on Palm Support Community suggest that the issue is resolved.

    I'm a newbie, so not yet allowed to post the link...

    Thanks to all those working on this.
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    The link is here
    new palm pixi won't receive at&t texts - Palm Support Community

    Verizon and Palm have worked to resolve the issue, so we would be most interested in customers who are still experiencing issues.
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    Turns out it's not completely solved yet. My wife's Pixi is still getting blank SMS messages. This even includes texts from another Verizon phone in another city.

    I've tried a reboot, no luck. That's not a complete surprise, because I think it's a network issue, not a phone issue.

    Anybody else resolved or unresolved? And is there an "official" place other than above link to post?

    Thanks. Looking forward to see how this plays out.
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  6.    #26 son reports his Pixi is "still fixed"... but the only place where someone is listening and working on this is Palm. I recommend you send a private message to Anachronistic...the moderator in the Palm Forum as he may stop paying as close attention if he things its resolved. Pixi's continue to be OK since I reported "the fix", but it is indeed a network issue and may be unique to the various network paths the SMS messages take. But is, without a doubt, fixable....just has to be traced.
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    I have received a PM from HardBeatZ and am receiving help with this issue.

    I have seen posts re: returning phones. While this may be a puzzler and a frustration it certainly in no way approaches the level of considering returning the Pixi!

    I'll post how this turns out.

    thanks again.
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    thanks for the update. i see your palm experience nearly mirrors mine back to the III. your issue certainly seems resolveable and as each day with my pre & pixi's progress i fall more in love with webos. pretty cool.
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    Spent an hour on the phone with tech support at Palm yesterday. Did partial erase, created some call logs, and am awaiting feedback. Tech was patient and tried hard to resolve.

    Pixi still receives blank SMS responses from certain out of network phones, and from some phones in network. Palm seems to be working diligently to resolve.

    Meanwhile, Verizon still doesn' get it. I called to follow up on a problem ticket number yesterday and found no one seems to have looked into it. I was initially told that since the blank SMS were from out of network that it was the other networks fault. After about forty minutes I was finally told that this was a "known issue" with pixis that were assigned numbers that "had been" Alltel numbers. That is, I am a Verizon customer, with a Verizon account, but the phone is still served by an "Alltel server" Hmmm. Doesn't explain why the Pre with the same account history works just fine...

    Thanks, Palm. Please get working on it, Verizon.
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    i get blank texts here and there from other pres
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    yeah I was able to get iphone text and mms.
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    MMS is handled differently than SMS- The Pixi WILL get MMS pictures from the same phones that can't deliver SMS. Something weird about the way this population of phones (pixis that are Alltel--->Verizon) handles sms.

    Anybody out there who had SMS problems that doesn't fit this description??
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    So we get a voice message today from Verizon: "Our engineers did not find any issue with the text messages... that you are able to send and receive text messages. If you are still having any issues we need example numbers of who you are having the the issue with."

    Hmm. Not sure how they decided that!

    Anyway, I just got off the phone with tech support again. Received apology for ticket being closed without resolution and have a new ticket cooking.

    If you are one of those having even occasional SMS problems, and you are a Verizon customer, PLEASE call Verizon to report. I was told this is a "new" problem they had not heard before.
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    btw, this does seem to be a CDMA only problem right now, doesn't it?
    is there somebody with a GSM Pre affected?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dallashigh View Post
    For those who are having this issue: was your phone number ported from another carrier?
    Yes from AT&T
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