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    So as I was using my Pre, whenever the phone locked and screen shut off it would do it fade-y like, such as when you're restarting or powering off the phone. Not much later, my phone's screen was just completely black. I thought the phone was off at first, but the keyboard and gesture area still light up. I tried calling it from another phone, and the phone was ringing.

    Tried resetting (both soft reset and taking the battery out, multiple times) but the problem persisted. As a last-ditch effort, ran the Doctor and the problem still persists.

    Am I looking to a trip to the Sprint store, and if so, what are the probabilities that they'll dish out a refurb'd one? This all happened randomly, didn't drop the phone or get it wet or anything. Please help.
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    Shameless (and desperate) bump.

    I'm taking my phone to Sprint later today so at any rate I'll update you guys on their response, in case any of you are interested.
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    I'm totally interested... I was at a restaurant and the phone dropped from my pocket to the floor (maybe 2 feet), and the screen is dim and non-interactive (keyboard works though). Sprint technician says it's physically broken and that I have to get a new one... however, the screen being dim and non-interactive was (for a bit) infrequent (ie it would work, then stop, etc...) and now it seems stuck in the dim/not working mode... so would love to hear what happens with you!
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    So I took it to the Sprint store, where the rep (who was rather rude and unprofessional) dismissed most of my aforementioned description saying he wasn't the service technician so it didn't really matter what I told him.

    Half an hour later I go back and am given my previous phone (from the slight imperfections and my screen cover I knew it wasn't a new/refurb'd/different one), screen in perfect condition. I had to reload the Palm profile and update to since I had doctored it, apparently with a version that was a bit outdated.

    I asked the rep what was wrong with the phone or what they had done to it and he simply shrugged me off once more, saying he wasn't the service tech. Not one of my better experiences at a Sprint store, customer service-wise (it's not the one I usually go to, either), but they got the problem solved.

    @alok: I wish I would have been able to find out what was wrong with the phone so as to watch out for future problems, or at the very least share it with you to know if you have the same issue and to deal with it accordingly. At any rate, best of luck.
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    Thanks... appreciate the follow-up!

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