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    if you ever take a glance at android, iphone OS, and WebOS's beginnings they were all missing something similar- video recording. The iPhone, G1, and Pre all began without video recording. Is there some reason why these advance devices don't have something normal phones have had for years?
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    Because video recording totally sucked on "normal phones" and is wildly better/different on these new devices?

    For one, the videos are actually watchable. They aren't blurry postage stamps that occasionally approximate human movement.
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    It is because on a day to day basis I won't use video recording. I will use my calendar, contacts, email, phone app, and other apps more. So that puts video recording on a lower level of importance than everything else.
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    Video Recording isn't an essential. If they included it at launch it would have holes in it to. Overall, you will be getting a better product in the long run.
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    They couldnt include video editing because they havent perfected it yet why put someting out that makes someone mad because it didnt work... it will be released with 1.4 for the pre AND PIXI

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