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    Is the Classic app not available for the Pre Plus? When I do an app store search for it from my Pre Plus, it doesn't show up. Thanks.
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    Just checked the Sprint Palm Catalog and it's there.
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    Yeah but the Pre Plus is Verizon.
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    I know, but was just confirming that it isny missing from Sprint. Maybe Verizon doesn't allow it?
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    Found it.
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    Since the OP already solved his problem, this is a bit academic, but I suppose someone using the search function might stumble across the thread:

    If you want to find the "Classic" app, try searching the word "emulator."

    Searching the word "classic" isn't particularly helpful, as some absurd number of developers have seen fit to describe their application, in the descriptive text, as an instance of the "classic" arcade game, or some such phraseology.
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    Also (how I found it), you can search for "Classic" and then organize the results by name. Scroll down a bit and there you go.

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