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    I was trying to open Asphalt 5 when I kept getting the above Sorry Too many cards open error. I had none open. I had to reboot the palm pre so that i can play the game again.

    What is the latest on this issue? Any fix coming?
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    Palm is aware of this problem - we can only hope they will fix it in the 1.4 update that is due sometime this month.
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    try deleting your cache and your history worked for me.
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    This error is happening very frequently now. Not sure if it is a function of adding more apps to the memory. But I have had this error 3 times in last 2 days. I didn't have it 3 times in the last 6 months with 1.3.1 release and before.
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    this happen to me yesterday!! I was comparin my phone to some tmobile phone at work in break room havin a big "can ur phone do this" debate and I went to load asphalt and got too many cards wit no cards I was a lil embarrassed..I did a quick luna restart
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    Ahhh, it's good to hear that Palm are indeed aware of it. 1.3.5.x must have introduced a memory leak somewhere. I never had any such issues before this update and never got a too many cards error before my tenth card, more usually between the 13th and 15th, which is absolutely OK.

    Since updating to, I'm often getting it when trying to open my FIRST card. It seems to me like the Browser is at least partially to blame as it doesn't seem to happen unless I've had multiple browser cards open beforehand.
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    this seems to be happening to me more often as time goes on. from never happening to once a week to now daily & the only changes ive made is that ive added more games.

    i seem to also get it only when i have 1 or 2 cards open
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    I seem to get this error everyday as well!!
    Sometimes it happens in the browser, or just trying to open a single app!

    Of course, after a reset I can open at least 20 cards, but that's not very helpful when I need the phone to work properly.
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    it happens to me a lot till i installed this patch....

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    I wonder if Pre Plus users get the same error, I suspect since they have double the RAM they don't....

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