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    The whole backup issue is interesting to me. On the one hand, I want a comprehensive, multi-faceted backup solution. On the other, I understand that Palm is focusing on backing up the Palm Profile and App Catalog apps, and leaving the rest of the data to the individual app developers and the users. However, I think Palm could possibly turn the backup issue into a revenue stream.

    This would be my suggestion: Leave the current backup free. Keep it just as basic as it is (and hopefully keep that reliability issue resolved), but offer an expanded version - a "Profile Plus" if you will.

    This would include the ability to do a periodic image type backup, so a Pre or Pixi could be restored exactly to a previous state (developers would love that one). It would also have some preset rotation schedules similar to what you see on commercial workstation/server backups, full backup once a week with daily/hourly/whatever incremental backups. For those users that wanted even faster backup/restores, there could be an option to not include certain folders or application data (I really don't care to save my high scores for Gliss, if I have to restore, I'll just download the app and go).

    Personally, if this were done and done reliably, I'd be willing to pay for such an additional service. If they charged $1 a month, I suspect they'd have a profitable business model.

    Some would say that Palm should provide this for free, and there's no way it would succeed. I tend to disagree. Before Apple's App Store came along, the "business model" for PalmOS apps were for the publisher to provide them directly, or a few third party web site to offer them for a small fee (nothing approaching 30%). Apple took a chunk of $$$ and made it successful by making it easy, and centralized.

    I think Palm could repeat this with a robust backup client and service.

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    I think you've got a good plan there - I don't mind paying for services that I believe to be valuable, and this is the sort of functionality that I'd value.

    I'd only be worried about the stress it would put on Palm's servers - to have (potentially) thousands of people simultaneously uploading ~8GB of data would probably be enough to bring them down.

    Having said that, after the initial backup an incremental (or differential) backup could be implemented as you suggested, so that traffic would be greatly reduced.

    I'm all for it, but I would insist that the current back-up model exists as a free service. Palm could do with all the cash they can get so it's these sort of ideas that they need to be considering.
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    While I wouldn't mind paying for this, what I really think should be done is give me the ability to make a full image to my computer. A recent iPhone user brought this up, and its an excellent point! We should have the ability just to do a total backup of our phones to our computers.

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