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    Recently I noticed that my screen keeps turning itself on to the lock screen and then goes off. Anyone else experience this, I'm checking app settings, next is removing patches....don't want to have to go through the process of doing this.
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    bad power switch maybe?? Do you have any of those overclocking patches??
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    No Overclocking patches. Power button doesn't seem to "stick." I'm thinking an app is waking the device maybe.
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    Same thing happens to me periodically.
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    Had the same issue for a while there. Thought it was related to the Smartflex Patch I had installed and later removed, but the issue continued. A days ago I had an issue with my phone not restarting and was forced to Doctor it, hasn't been doing the turn on screen thing since. I hope there is a better way to fix it for ya, but the doctor worked for me. May want to consider as a last resort. I can tell you battery life is way better since the screen isn't continually turning on. Good luck.
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    My girlfriend's Pixi is doing this as well - I posted on the Palm support forums about it, but so far nothing.
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    This was happening to my first Pre before the power button died. Nothing you can do if you already have insurance.
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    this also happened to me. I restarted and it hasn't come back since.
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    Mine started doing it as well recently...right around the time my Speakerphone / Headset problems started. I am plagued by the infamous phone thinking it is in Headset mode randomly. I think the phone is lighting up when the software is detecting the hardware changing from headset mode and vice versa. I have tested this to; by just allowing the Music player to run then letting it shut off the screen. Sitting it on the desk and waiting. Sure enough when the screen flashed on to the lock screen. The music stopped and I would have to hit play once again, only to find it in headset mode.

    Needless to say the Pre is going to Sprint this week for a replacement since I already tried every trick listed on the other treads.

    Palm better address this headset issue in the next phone!!!

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