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    My touch screen stopped working and a new phone is on the way..can I erase all data on the pre using key strokes?

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    try putting it in usb mode.
    With phone off, hold the up volume button, than connect it to the pc via usb. This will turn on your pre into USB mode.
    On the screen it usually shows a large usb symbol, but yours is dead D:

    It should allow you in on the computer. Hope this helps.
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    the easiest way, would be to log into your palm profile online, click 'lost phone' and then tell it to wipe your phone.
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    OOOHHHH YYYAAH forgot that lil tip.
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    I just had do the same. I can see what's on the screen but cannot touch anything. I was staring at the options to Media Sync, USB Drive or Just Charge device with no way to select anyone. I knew there had to be a hard key stroke combo to select USB Drive. I tried many things but finally got the following to work:

    Press and Hold the "Orange Key"
    While still holding the above key, press and hold the "Sym" key
    While still holding the above 2 keys, press the "u" key

    Bingo! you are in USB mode. I was able to copy the data from the old device to my laptop. I will try other combos to try and select the Media Sync. I would guess "m" should do it, but I can try it because I am copying data from laptop to new Pre so the cable is in use.
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