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    I was playing Visual Boy Advance and the lack of a real controller makes hard to play some titles which require more precise control and I wondered if it is possible to connect a usb device to Pre like a keyboard?

    I think a real sized keyboard would be a nice thing to have is some cases, not just for gaming. Another thing I was pondering about is that there are some SNES to usb kits on the web to use a SNES controller through a usb interface. I guess it would require some drivers on the Pre side for this to work out.

    Another way to hook a SNES controller to usb would be removing the snes controller ic and using a usb keyboard circuit, wire the individual buttons of the controller directly to the keyboards circuit thus having a usb keyboard with only 12 keys.

    What do you think?
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    what Im hoping for is bluetooth connected devices, like keyboards and controllers.
    That is something im waiting for..
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    Definitely, a bluetooth keyboard would be very neat and I guess that is something that many of us are expecting, however I would like to do some hardware moding for a Snes controller.

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