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    Just seeing if I'm the only one or if I can do something to fix before I swap.

    First, put it on the touchstone and it keeps making the "Charging Battery" sound/notification over and over and over.

    Next, menus are kinda laggy at times.

    Finally, The hone will just sometimes up and drop the data connection. I have GREAT signal at home with Verizon too.
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    You have any patches?
    Tried removing batt and letting it set for like 5 mins??

    If your really thinking of swaping, I might as well Doctor the sucker.
    Make sure you backup everything!
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    when you sit ur PRE on the touchstone you have to be sure that it is at it's most magnetic point because that's where the actual charge takes place . Hope this helps . The PRE is an awsome device and and you may regret it later . Good luck . PRE NATION .... One .

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