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    I just noticed that, at the lock screen, you can dragup the icon then hit the power button. Then the next time you turn it on, you see the icon were it was before as if you were holding it there. If you tap outside the circle it unlocks! Just a cool lil thing I noticed that I though I'd share with you.
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    haha I just tried it pretty cool
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    haha.. good to know.
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    Just realised that if you tap out side of the circle it registers as an accual tap as if you were unlocked. So if you have a button were you tapped it will tap it.
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    You got me to try it...
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    nice little find
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    neat! Even works if you do this then put it on the touchstone.
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    haha thats pretty cool
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    Ha! Glitches are cool.
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    I lol'd when i tried it
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    woo! this should keep me entertained until 1.4 comes out
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    haha pretty cool!
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    Quote Originally Posted by reverendrhino View Post
    You got me to try it...
    You say that like it was a trick. It really works.
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    Quote Originally Posted by insane42 View Post
    Ha! Glitches are cool.
    I hate glitches def in Modern Warfare 2
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    Cool - this can make it easier to unlock if your driving if you set it up! I'll give it a shot!! What other glitches are we aware of that might be worth a look??
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    It only works the one time for me. You just press the power button to go into black screen or you actually turned it off.....?
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    Cool glitch to show off to other Pre users.
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    not a bad find at all
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