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    At first I thought it was pretty cool because you could leave it set that way and then when you had an incoming call, all you would have to do is tap the screen to answer it, instead of dragging the icon, which sometimes "slips" and doesn't answer the call.

    But, I can see where that would be a problem if you had it in your pocket and the phone rang, any movement would cause your phone to be "accidentally" answered.

    Interesting find, though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by west3man View Post
    You say that like it was a trick. It really works.
    No, just meant I tried
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    I'm going to drain my battery doing this all day
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    Wow...great trick.
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    can we turn this into a patch?

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    I like watching it quickly slide back into place when you tap inside the circle. We're an easily amused bunch, aren't we?
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    ....yea i didnt realize this was all that cool haha
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    how many of us tried this after reading it?

    I know i did! XD
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    Yeah I noticed this after a few days toying with my Pre, didn't think it was worth posting about though.
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